Company Profile

        Win Galore (JiangSu) Environmental Science and Technology Ltd. (Win Galore) has established its first production factory in Rudong County, JiangSu Province, China in 2013. Our pilot production was initiated in 2014 April, since then we have been producing our branded organic fertilizer using our patented 'sub critical water recycling' technology which was originally invented by Japanese scientist for converting organic waste into organic fertilizer.

        As compliant with the latest policy announced by the General Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, our technology convert the direct disposal waste of poultry and livestock mixed with straw/rice husk/tea debris originated from agricultural land, into best quality, easily absorbed, nutritious, germ-free, odorless Win Galore branded organic fertilizer ideal for enhancing the crop growth.

        We produce organic, germ free, non toxic, odorless, heavy metal free, high nutrient fertilizer with high amino acid and micro nutrient with low cost that benefits the environment, farmers and human’s health.

        We appreciate your interest in our orgainic fertilizer, please go to product or contact us for more information.